Krish Revo Network (AS38041)

AS38041 is a network run by Krish Revo. We are open to peers subject to our policy. My network is run solely for Educational/Research purposes.

Resource Type Country Netname Prefix ASN RIR Geolocation IRR/RPKI
ASN Krish Revo N/A 38041 APNIC -33.9076, 151.2039
IPv6 Krish Revo Network (Singapore) 2404:f4c0:ee00::/44 38041 APNIC 1.3367, 103.8939
IPv6 Krish Revo Network (Switzerland) 2404:f4c0:ee01::/48 38041 APNIC 47.3877, 8.5166
IPv6 Krish Revo Network (Australia) 2404:f4c0:ee03::/48 38041 APNIC -33.9117, 151.1907
IPv6 Krish Revo Network (France) 2404:f4c0:ee04::/48 38041 APNIC 48.8588, 2.2770
IPv6 Krish Revo Experimental Network 2a0e:b107:dc0::/47 38041 RIPE N/A
IPv6 Krish Revo Anycast Network 2a0e:b107:316::/48 38041 RIPE 22.3655, 114.1171
IPv6 Krish Revo Network (Europe) 2a0e:8f02:2080::/48 38041 RIPE 47.6062, 122.3321
IPv6 Krish Revo Experimental Network 2a0e:8f02:2081::/48 38041 RIPE 47.6062, 122.3321 Not announced yet.

Peering Information